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StilettO is a variety rock band, specializing in 80’s, 90's, and recent classics, along with some contemporary country. They're a very tightly nit group, having performed together for a while now, with each member coming from lengthy musical backgrounds. Based in Maiden Rock, WI, StilettO performs mostly in the Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin area, to keep the cost of their show at a minimum, but will stretch their legs a little for larger shows. StilettO is an affordable and high quality show for local venues, town festivals, and music fests. Contact:  

Band Members:
StilettO consists of :
Tracy (Young) Miller... A talented singer and just beautiful behind that keyboard.  Very entertaining, and has been known to make the evening news.
Jeff Miller... Fantastic rythm and lead on guitar, and a voice to match! "He can play it all on his Les Paul!"
Al Budensiek... Smoooooth on the bass and really knows his stuff! And sings great, too! (How does he do it?)
Steve Gustafson... Drummer extraordinare and can still hear pretty good in one of his ears.
Jeff Ekblad... "Techno-boy" on guitar and sound, giving us the complete package that is Stiletto!